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4B Red Angus

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4B Red Angus LLC is owned and operated by the Dan Buckhaus DVM family. (Dan is also partner in Montfort Veterinary Service in Montfort, WI). We started this herd of cattle as a project to keep our kids busy on the farm and have grown from there. Dan, Mary, Ellie, and Sarah Buckhaus have worked extensively to AI these cows and have also had a ET program that created moderate sized cows with good fertility, longevity, and still maintained good carcass traits. Our cattle are handled quite often during the year and we have a zero tolerance policy for bad temperaments!


If you have any questions, give us a call or email us and lets talk cows (608)- 943-8731 •

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Emerald Earth Cattle Company

Emerald Earth Cattle Company, Platteville Wisconsin, is owned and operated by Joe & Gina Jewison. We are hands-on operators that know our 100 cow herd. We have invested in cow herd improvement, i.e. Artificial Insemination, In-Vitro Fertilization, Embryo Transfer, and purchases of quality genetics. We are very happy with our young cow herd today. Our herd scores very well on all of the relevant Red Angus EPD's. Disposition, feet and leg soundness, and udder quality are a must for our herd no matter how good an animals 'numbers' look. 

Quiet high quality cattle are fun to raise. The EEC brand strives to be recognized for providing customers these qualities in our cattle. 

Joe Jewison: (608) 778-6736 •

Gina Jewison: (608) 778-6748 •

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Kluesner Family Cattle

Kluesner Family Cattle is a small family owned and operated farm in Southwest Wisconsin near the Mississippi River. We started out with a small herd of commercial crossbreds, but we are lucky enough to purchase some Registered Red Angus from Emerald Earth Cattle Co. and fell in love with the Red Angus breed. We then realized it was easier to care for 100 calm cows than 30 "crazy" ones. Over the past few years we have focused a lot on growth, strive for great maternal traits, good feet, and good disposition. ​

Feel free to look us up at the sale or give us a call. We would love to talk cattle with you. 

Tony: (608) 379-3113 • Brenda: (608) 732-5184

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Red Rock Cattle Company

Red Rock Cattle Company is run by Jack Jewison and Natalie Jozik in Platteville WI. Jack, son of Gina and Joe from Emerald Earth Cattle Company, is keeping it in the family! With the dreams of creating a herd to out perform his parents' Jack is taking everything he has learned from EEC and applying it to his own herd. With the help of Natalie, the couple is looking to breed for some amazing females which will produce sane, growy, healthy, sound herd bulls. 

Please look us up at the sale, shoot us a message or give us a call. We enjoy talking cattle. 

Jack Jewison: 608.778.9309

Natalie Jozik: 715.297.9946

Jack and Nat
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