We are excited to be able to bring some top name sires to our sale bull group for 2020! AI allows us to match each female with an ideal sire, we are able to take her strengths and weaknesses and breed for improvement on a vast scale. Please take a look around this page to see some of our featured sires for the 2020 sale. 

Every AI and Embryo breeding that is done by our cooperators had much time and thought put in to make the ideal match. 

Please note that just because an animal was not out of an AI sire does not mean that they are necessarily inferior. We have some outstanding herd bulls every year that we can't help but use on females that make an ideal match. 

Sire Group:

Emerald Earth Cattle

Joe & Gina Jewison 



Red Rock Cattle

Jack Jewison & Natalie Jozik



Wisconsin, United States of America

Kluesner Family Cattle​

Tony & Brenda Kluesner 



4B Red Angus LLC

Dan, Mary, Ellie & Sarah