The Ladies of RedFest

While the bulls may be the featured aspect of RedFest's sale, it wouldn't be possible without the ladies. This year we are excited to ANNOUNCE that COMMERCIAL FEMALES will be up for auction during the 2021 sale date. 

Expect these females to be strong paternal parents with docile dispositions.  You can't go wrong here! 

2021 Sale Lots:

Please note this is not a complete list but just additional details and we will add more if possible. Note all the females listed below are sold as commercial cattle.

Females consigned by Dean Hovden

Dean is typically finishing up calving this time of year and due to his schedule we are unable to say exact numbers on how many of his commercial females he will be bringing to RedFest. Our best estimate today is:

25-30 - Cow-Calf Pairs

20-25 - Bred Cows

20-30 - Open Heifers

Females consigned by Bo Kluesner

Bull was turned out the second week of November. Cows are 5-7 years old.

7 - Bred Cows - Fall Calving

Females consigned by Mark and Kenny Kieler

12 - Open Yearling Heifers

Females consigned by RedRock Cattle

Jack and Natalie found these heifers and felt they would be a great addition to the sale. These heifers will have all their pre-breeding shots and vaccinations and are sold as guaranteed breedable

13 - Open Yearling Heifers

Other consigned Females

These females were consigned late and are currently not in our catalog.

3 & 4 year olds:
3 Red Cows - not yet calved

2 Red Cows with Red heifer calves

Red Cow with Red steer calf
White face Cow with black steer calf

5 & 6 year olds

Red Cow with red heifer calf
Red Cow with red steer calf
White face with Red Steer

7 & 8 year olds
Back Cow with black heifer
Black Cow with red steer
Black Cow with red heifer
Red cow with red heifer


Hovden Females

Kluesner Females


Kieler Females

RedRock Females