Buy Local!  Buy Better!

     We have all heard people make the statement “I bought my bull from out west” inferring that it is automatically a better bull because of its origin. That statement may have been true 20 years ago but definitely not today. Today the Midwest breeders have equal to, or superior cattle for this region in all of the major breeds. Breeders across America have access to the same breed genetics through AI.  Today there is a large quantity of quality AI bulls available throughout the industry. In America our regions vary greatly, thus the traits we breed into our cattle must match the area we live in. In the southern states heat and insects are major issues.  They must choose cattle that lose their winter hair rapidly to prevent a breed-back disaster. You will often see Brahma bred into their cattle to help with the insect problems. In high altitudes, selection must be based on a good PAP score (an indicator of an animal’s susceptibility to brisket disease, a common cause of death in high altitude cattle). In the sandhills of Nebraska cattle must survive on sparse vegetation,cattle in this region are smaller and milk less (if they milk too much in these conditions the do not breed back). There are many more examples of region-specific traits. Our grass is 90% water vs. the western dry county, we need cattle that can convert the wet grass into milk and heavy calves. Our cows need good feet, they must deal with rocks and mud (not just in the spring as many pastures have wet areas). The dry western areas are much more forgiving as the cattle’s feet wear quickly. We need cows that can wean 600# calves, many regions have limiting factors only allowing them to own cows that wean 400# calves. In the Midwest we can breed “easy to work”, quiet cattle. Other areas must breed cattle that can survive in the “wild”.   “Western Wild” may be needed in some parts of the county, but not here.


  • A reputable quality breeder in the Midwest is breeding the cattle that will thrive in your pastures.

  • It is easier to view local cattle, visit the farm, see the dams, and find “your type” of cattle versus getting a surprise from an internet purchase.

  • If issues arise with your cattle purchased locally, the problem can be resolved easier and quicker, thus reducing the negative effect on your cattle operation.

  • High Quality bulls can be purchased locally for a fraction of the cost of the same bull sold in the western markets.

  • Bulls purchased locally will have less adjusting to do. They will have little if any shipping stress and little if any stress from environmental changes.

P.S. This is also very true for female cattle.                        

Buy Local, Buy Better.