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In Person, Online, Proxy & Phone Bidding


RedFest has partnered with DVAuction in addition to Bloomington Livestock exchange to give bidders various options to make purchasing from our sale as stress free as possible. We are also inviting you to leave a proxy bid or phone bidding! 

In Person Bidding

Sale will be held on Sunday March 27, 2022 at Bloomington Livestock Exchange. The public is welcome to come and bid in person on sale day at the Bloomington Livestock Exchange. 

Phone Bidding

Please be in touch with the cooperator selling your bull of choice. You can make arrangements to be in touch with them on sale day for phone bidding.

For commercial females Bloomington Livestock Exchange is available to call on sale day for phone bidding at 608-994-2020

Proxy Bidding

Please be in touch with the cooperator selling your animal of choice and we will bid in place of you at the sale day up to a specified amount. For Females owned by a non-cooperator of the sale please call John Reynolds at Bloomington Livestock Exchange to leave your proxy bid. Proxy Bidding is also available through DVAuction - see below for more details or visit

4B Red Angus LLC   4B
Dan & Mary Buckhaus 608-943-8731


Kluesner Family Cattle  KFC
Tony Kluesner 608-379-3113

Brenda Kluesner 608-732-5184


Red Rock Cattle  RedR
Jack Jewison 608-778-9309

Natalie Jozik 715-297-9946


Emerald Earth Cattle  EEC
Joe Jewison 608-778-6736

Gina Jewison 608.778.6748

Bloomington Livestock Exchange

John Reynolds 608-994-2020


To watch or bid online, simply complete the follwoing steps:

  • Visit​ or click the link

  • Click on the "Register" tab

  • Enter a user name, password and your contact information

  • Click on "Apply for Bidding"

  • Select the sale from the list of other auctions and click "apply"

  • Complete the process by filling out the Banking and Lending information request

Be sure to include a personal contact at your bank, we will contact them in order to get a credit reference. 

If you would prefer to be approved using your credit card, call 402-474-5557

Please be sure to apply for bidding at least a day in advance of the sale every effort will be made to process your application in a timely manner. 

DVAuction will contact you once you have been approved to bid. We do not provide buyer numbers until you have purchased a lot in the sale, and that number is only usable for that auction. After the sale contact the sale owner or manager to make arrangements for payment and delivery of your online purchases. 

Please note: High Speed internet acces (DSL, T-1, or Broadband) is required to be able to bid successfully during teh sale. If you have any questions please contact DVAuction at 402-474-5557 or email

Proxy Bidding: If you can't access a computer during the sale, you can now place a "proxy bid" through DVAuction. Simply follow the instructions listed above, and as the sale date nears there will be a "Proxy Bidding" link under the sale listing on the main page of DVAuction. You can then place the maximum amount that you'd like to bid, and our system will represent your bid just as if you were there. 

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